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A   B R E E D   L I K E   N O   O T H E R

The Mini Aussie or Miniature American Shepherd is the perfect choice as a loving family member, lifestyle working dog or performance agility star. 

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Miniature American Shepherds (Miniature Australian Shepherds)

The Miniature American Shepherd (MAS or sometimes incorrectly called Miniature Australian Shepherd) is a lively breed, a true herder but also flexible that it will adjust to just about any lifestyle. The do exceptionally well on lifestyle properties and have a natural affinity with horses - an actual trait of their breed, but with sufficient exercise they could happily live in a city.  They are highly intelligent and make excellent obedience, tracking and agility dogs. They can be prone to becoming a little overweight if not exercised or overfed, so it pays to be mindful when using treats in training not to overdo it.  They have a double coat and need some regular grooming, particularly during shedding season.  Despite their miniature appearance, they are hardy and rugged, agile and capable of putting in a hard days work.

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Whether a family pet, working dog or agility star, the Miniature American Shepherd is an intelligent, loving and loyal companion — The American Miniature Shepherd share very similar traits to the Australian Shepherds - only on a smaller scale. Females are typically 13 and 17 inches at the shoulder and  males range from 14 to 18 inches. Despite their smaller size, Minis are still an excellent herding dog. They display  energetic, inquisitive and intelligent natures, while being hardy and extremely alert. They have exquisite colours and patterns within the breeds colour palate.  Black, blue merle, red, and red merle. Gorgeous blacks, greys, tans and brown spots can be  speckled and marbled through their coats.  They have a natural aptitude in agility, obedience and also tracking.


The Miniature American Shepherd are a playful breed and they thrive on pleasing their owners and enjoy having plenty of mental stimulation. Toys are a must, a frisbee or ball, as they enjoy most sporting activities.  In the evenings, at home with their families, they are the perfect lap-dog and happy to get up on your knee and have a cuddle.  They are great with kids, they make wonderful family pets and because of their diminutive size (compared to similar breed types within the herding/shepherd genre) they are also easy to have inside your home, or in your car as a travel companion.

Video: The Miniature American Shepherd are excellent pets and very cuddly and gentle. They make a wonderful addition to a family and are great with children.

Pictured: Romeo "Beckers King of Hearts"


It is said the Miniature American Shepherd  originated in the Pyrenees arriving in North America with Basque herders in the mid 19th century. Once in America the breed gained a reputation for being an excellent farm hand and herding dog as well as hardy, loyal, entertaining and genuinely great to have around. In the 1960s, "American Shepherds" that appeared to be too small were bred to create a breed standard. Breeders hoped to retain the working dog traits and intelligence but in a smaller package. Their popularity continued to grow throughout America and internationally.

  • Gentle-Natured, Intelligent, Loyal

  • Approx Height: 14-18 inches (Male), 13-17 inches (Female)

  • Approx Weight: 20-40 pounds

  • Approx Lifespan: 12-13 years

  • Type: Herding Group

Pictured: Skye "Shooting Stars in the Night Skye"

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