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The Definitive Resource for Canine Genetic Health™

Providing the highest standards in testing and customer service

Peace of mind for the future health of your new family member.
All of this information is available of the Paw Prints website. If you follow the link below you can see the testing we have selected for our breeding programme.

At Wagon Tails, our dogs were purchased ONLY after passing the most comprehensive genetic tests currently available - and passing, FULLY CLEAR of any potential health or genetic abnormalities.  Its an expensive process, but we feel it is essential for all breeders to commit to this type of screening.

  • Why Paw Print Genetics?


Paw Print Genetics offers the largest selection of tests for inherited diseases. The breed-specific panels offer a comprehensive service at a discounted rate, or owners can choose only the tests they want. Paw Prints tests are economical and efficient, while using the highest medical standards in the industry. When the dog's sample is in the lab, owners can track their order online and receive updates and alerts as the sample is processed. In addition to using the highest medical testing standards, Paw Print Genetics prides itself on having the finest customer support available. When they are in the office during normal business hours, they are happy to talk with owners on the phone or return your email in the same day.


  • What does Paw Print Genetics test for?


Paw Print Genetics tests for a large number of genetic mutations associated with diseases or traits in dogs.  Through cutting edge technology, high quality, human grade laboratory standards, and decades of genetics experience, they are committed to providing services that assist in protecting the emotional and financial investment that breeders and pet owners have in their dogs.  They do this by testing for a variety of preventable, inherited diseases and genetic traits such as coat color. In addition, they assist veterinarians in the diagnosis of suspected heritable diseases seen in clinical practice.

  • How does Paw Print Genetics select the tests they offer?


Paw Print Genetics selects tests by researching current medical literature and using information from trusted sources that have identified particular genetic disease causing mutations.

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